Hey! I’m Mike, a designer and educator from Toronto.
I love developing websites and e-learning.

Design for Digital Media and E-learning

Design & Media

Creation of graphics and video for print, websites social, and digital media

Education & Training

E-learning and curriculum design for higher education and corporate training.

Bio / Resume

I have 20 years of experience in working in education and 25 years experience in design and media. I am a freelance designer, trainer and teacher working in Toronto area colleges.

I am an expert with Adobe Creative Cloud and know my way around Office. I’m passionate about e-learning and I have experience working with LMS platforms like Moodle, Blackboard, Brightspace, and HP5.

I developed my first website, Tdot.com, in 1998. I started teaching in 2002. For the last two decades I have been building websites and blogs with WordPress, engaging in graphic design and photography, and working with motion graphics, video and music.

Case Study: Tdot Connect Community, Sites and Courses

Tdot Connect (Tdot Studio) is an online community supporting Toronto area photographers with events, meetups, and courses. (We have also launched the Tdot.co platform with sites for members).

The main functionality:

Visit tdot.com/studio
and tdot.co


View more of my photography in the full gallery page.

Portrait photo of Mike Simpson

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